Bustle Recognized Our Product as the Overall Best Gardening Gloves

Bustle is The Webby Awards’ Best Cultural Website that delivers everything you want to know, see, and read right now whether you’re searching for the right size-inclusive clothing, ways to give back, or even to know how much coffee to put in a coffee. They are here to help their audience explore every topic available on the internet. Like their readers, their team of writers and editors are also from diverse backgrounds with an endless range of interests. 

This is how they described our Bamboo Working Gloves:  

"These tough Bamboo Work Gloves exceptionally flexible, with an amazing "bare skin" feel that lands them at the top of the list as overall best. In fact, with more than 1,500 reviews, they have a virtual cult following on Amazon. In addition to being lightweight and breathable (which helps keeps your hands cool), they allow you to feel your plants with greater sensitivity and dexterity. They aren't considered puncture-proof like some of the others on this list, but they are abrasion-resistant with seamless construction that reduces chafing." - www.bustle.com

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