"Among the best working gloves in general!" - Gardener's Magazine

Gardeners’ Magazine is mainly about growing nutrient-dense food sustainably in our own backyards. It also covers guides for urban gardening and vegetable gardening as well as garden tools suggestions.

They said that our gloves are somewhat different from the gloves they’ve shown to their website so far, as they are made of fully breathable bamboo fabric, while at the same time they offer quite an impressive level of safety against cuts and punctures.

“Being fully breathable, these are excellent for use on hot summer days, as they prevent your hands from sweating excessively, but they also seem to fit very snugly and provide you with a lot of sensitivity. If you plan on doing something that requires a lot of feel, precision, and control, you will be delighted by the fact that these can even be used on touchscreens.” - Gardener’s Magazine

See their complete article about "The Best Gardening Gloves" here.

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