The Next Luxury Featured Our Bamboo Working Gloves as #2 Best Work Gloves for Men

Founded in 2007 as the magazine for today’s gentleman, Next Luxury has grown to become one of the biggest independent men’s lifestyle websites in the world, with a unique range of content covering men’s fashion, home design, tattoos, gear, and lifestyle.

Our Bamboo Working Gloves was featured as the No. 2, out of the top 25 choices, work gloves for men. They said that people can only understand why we touted our gloves as “a second skin” once they tried them, and they said that the name fits the gloves so well! 

“Each features a very breathable design which means sweaty hands are simply a thing of the past. Best of all, they have a grip strength like that of a gator jaw.” - Next Luxury

Read their complete article about the Top 25 Best Work Gloves for Men here.


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