The Spruce - One of the Best Plant Starter Kit of 2021

The Spruce is a multi-award-winning media company that offers practical, real-life tips, and inspiration to help their audience make the best of their home. They also give decorating, home repair, and gardening advice for their more than 44 million users each month.

They launched their Review Board composed by their licensed and certified field experts so they can give trustworthy advice online to make it easy for you to care for your garden and home. 

They like that our Bamboo Working Gloves is so handy so you can transfer baby plants into bigger containers. Being made out of a breathable and absorbent bamboo with excellent rubber palms, this pair of gloves will help your hands be protected as you start your gardening journey.

Find out more on their article about The 12 Best Plant Starter Kit Essentials of 2021.

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