About Pine Tree Tools

At Pine Tree Tools, our mission is to provide passionate gardeners of all levels with professional quality gardening gloves that feel effortless to wear and are built to last. This allows you to while away many joyful hours in the garden, getting every job done with zero stress and in maximum comfort.

Protecting Every Gardener

If you're like us, gardening is much more than a hobby; it's a lifestyle. Gardening time is precious, and anything that makes that easier, safer and more enjoyable is a true gift.

That's why we've taken careful time and effort in creating the most effective, comfortable and protective gardening gloves on the market, so that any level of gardener, from a complete novice to a life-long allotment dweller, knows their hands are safe and free to make their patch flourish.

A decades-long love affair with the garden 

Pine Tree Tools Founder Martin, found his passion for gardening at age 16, when he had a small job tending to a neighbor’s patch. 20 years later, and Martin's love affair with the garden is still very much alive! 

Plants, trees, hedges, the lawn, rose bushes… and weeds. Everything grows and needs attention! Martin especially loves to bring beauty and structure back into a messy garden and enjoys sitting peacefully at the end of the day to enjoy the results of his hard work.

The idea for Pine Tree Tools was born when he was looking for professional quality protection for his green fingers, and was unable to find anything that would do the job. He started to dream of creating a range of superior quality (work)gloves for gardeners just like him... 

The rest, as they say, is history.

As tough as the Aleppo Pine

Our company name is inspired by the magnificent evergreen, the Aleppo Pine (Pinus Halepensis), which endures f the Mediterranean region. 

Just as the famous Aleppo has what it takes to withstand a challenging environment, so does every pair of gloves in our range. We rigorously test our gloves and subject them to the highest manufacturing and environmental standards possible so that we can ensure they are built to last.

The world is better when you care 

At Pine Tree Tools, we prioritize customer service.  We want happy gardeners and will stop at nothing to make sure that happens. That's why each pair of our gardening gloves come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Got an issue? Get in touch and our friendly, dedicated team will help resolve it immediately.



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