Our Story

It all began when 16-year-old Martin got his first side job. He was still living with his parents when he helped some neighbors who had just moved into the neighborhood in their garden. A new passion was born: gardening!


Over twenty years have passed, and Martin’s love for gardening is still very much alive. Plants, trees, hedges, the lawn, rose bushes… and weeds. Everything grows and needs attention. Martin loves to bring beauty and structure back into a messy garden. It’s so rewarding to sit in your garden at the end of the day and enjoy the final result of your hard work.


To relax after a busy working day, Martin likes to remove weeds and mow the lawn. His nickname is ‘The Grass Maniac’ because his yard should be spotless anytime…


Over the years, Martin has experienced the added value of great hand protection. The gardening gloves he used to wear felt bulky and ill-fitting. Most times, he left his hands unprotected, resulting in wounds and blisters. As a result, Martin started to search for gloves that could match his needs. Because he couldn’t find them, he decided to manufacture them himself.


A dream became a reality! He started with bamboo gloves, which customers love so much for being excellent fitting and hypoallergenic. 


Nowadays, Pine Tree Tools founder Martin still spends a significant amount of time searching globally for the best options, while listening to the needs from fellow gardeners. This results in a range of gardening gloves that hobbyists, serious gardeners, and professionals love to use. All gloves are designed and manufactured based on the expertise and experience of like-minded people around the globe.


"Professional Quality Tools That Last"


Pine Tree Tools was founded based on this pillar. The brand name refers to the famous Aleppo Pine (Pinus Halepensis), the majestic evergreen which withstands the harsh conditions around the Mediterranean region. Similarly, Pine Tree Tools must be able to endure extreme conditions, time, and time again. All gloves are thoroughly tested and approved before they will be sold to customers.