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An XXL that fits
"Happy to find a pair of XXL that actually fit with both the toughness and the flexibility to allow me to once again be able to do the rough work around the house and yard. This has made dealing with my autoimmune issues less depressing just to be able to throw building stone without fear of cutting my hands.."
J. Raymond Kelley
Great gardening gloves
"The gloves are comfortable (not too tight), feel nice on (not scratchy), and fit correctly (well proportioned). I bought both the Small and Medium, and could wear either one... the difference isn't huge (maybe 1/4"; in finger length)... so I have a spare to wear or lend to a fellow gardener! On top of that, they arrived the day after I bought them!"
Midnight shopper

Outstanding Quality
"These were ordered as a Mother's Day gift in April of 2017. My Mother absolutely loves these gloves and is still using them until this day, April 2nd, 2019, and she works in her gardens almost every day.

They are very high quality, obviously, to have held up for going on 2 years without ripping, tearing, or rubbing holes in them. They are still in fair condition today. Excellent product, I would have to say!

Her Birthday is coming up April 8th of this month and another pair of these will make a great addition to some other gardening items I've purchased for her birthday this year!

Thanks again and great Product!"
- John Johnson

Great gloves!
"First, let me just say it: I hate wearing gloves. I don't like to wear them to do dishes, wash the car, or garden. Second, I live in a region of the country where we grow vegetables all year long. And since my garden is not near my house, I often leave my gloves in the car just in case I stop by on my way somewhere and find there is some messy maintenance to be done.

That said, these gloves are terrific. I use them more than any of my other garden gloves (and have actually tossed other ones aside as not being satisfactory for the task.) I like them so much that when I thought I had accidentally tossed mine out with the garden scraps, I immediately bought another pair. They fit tight enough so I don't feel I'll lose them, and the gripping fingers actually grip so well that I sometimes forget I'm gardening with them on.

Remember I said I leave my gloves in the car? I do. And if you can garden in the winter, you can imagine it also gets hot in the summer. How hot? I have been known to drive home wearing the winter gloves I keep handy as the steering wheel is often too hot to touch. And yet...and yet...these Pine Tree gloves have not gone all crunchy on me! If you have had gloves with rubberized or nitrile fingers, you've probably already had them dry up if you've left them in the car or even outdoors in very hot weather. So far, these gloves have performed better than any any pair of gardening gloves in my collection."
- RaquelS

Well Made, Excellent Fit, and Comfortable
"These gloves are very well made. The elasticity in their construction makes it easy for me to slip them on over the swollen arthritic joints of my hands. I love that they are ‘form fitting’ and light weight. However, I do have one concern. worn them when working in yard and flower beds for only 4-5 days. I’ve noted that the ‘rubber’ surface is already looking a bit worn and pitted but up to this point it is still intact. At this time I would say the gloves are well worth the cost and I highly recommend them."
- Veronia M. Rose

Best Gloves for Gardening
"I bought these gloves several years ago for gardening. They finally wore out last summer I was extremely happy to find them again..both times on Amazon! They are the best I've ever had. The only gloves I've ever had that are durable enough for trimming roses and transplanting cactus. These gloves are pliable enough to to pick up the smallest object in a flower bed."
- Amazon Customer

Great glove
"I work at the airport at LAX moving and handling a lot of mail and containers, where one needs to wear gloves 100 percent of the time. Gloves keep hands clean and warm during night shift. very comfortable really excellent grip. I believe the XL is great for my small hands perfect product. The guys at work like the gloves, that I wear I am trying a lot gloves seeing which ones work great well the pine tree bamboo work great. thank for a great product. I will be getting more soon"
- Playmaker

Gloves are the foundation to happy gardening. THESE ARE MY ""IT"" GLOVES!
"I have given up leather garden/work gloves for these. They fit like a second tough skin and even when muddy still grip the shovel or rake as if dry, no slipping. So far l have given a pair to two leather glove gardeners. Can't wait to see if they shelve the leather as l did. Fantastic dexterity and using my fingers to rake gravel has shown no ware. Bravo"
- Amazon Customer

Best gardening gloves ever
"These are so form-fitting and flexible that I can tie my shoes while I'm wearing them. They are very durable unless you always use one finger to dig roots out of the ground when weeding, a bad habit I'm trying to break. (Trowels, you know.) They are simply the best gardening gloves I've ever used, good for weeding, digging, raking, and pruning. For bramble handling you might need leather, but that is the only exception I can think of!"
- K. Fletcher

Quick to ship the best gardening gloves ever
"These really are great gloves, reasonably priced and shipped promptly! My husband bought me a pair for Christmas and after finding how great they are, I bought him a pair for Valentine's Day. They are the best fitting gardening gloves I've ever worn, and even though they provide great protection, I can still feel through them. Increases dexterity AND they keep my hands and nails clean."
- D.C.


Just ordered my third pair
"Been using these for 2 years - second pair still got a lot of life in them so will last rest of 2019. Used while gardening - digging, pulling weeds, pruning, planting seedlings etc, etc. Excellent feeling through them while wearing and I rarely feel the need to take them off to get better feeling while doing bits around the garden; with previous gloves I found I would take them off while doing something fiddly and never put them back on. The second pair have protected my hands while shifting 90 odd paving slabs around and they are holding up - this kind of work often ruins the coating which is now only starting to go a little at the base of the thumb. A friend is coming to help with some more heavy work at weekend hence the early purchase of third pair for him."
- Drmulok

Fit and forget gloves, at last!
"This is the first time that I have spent a whole day digging and clearing weeds from an allotment without taking my gloves off; I could even answer my mobile phone and text with them on. I have only worn them for one day but it wasn’t the average light use day and the gloves are still in good condition. They really seem to be fit and forget, which for me is a bonus; no more iodine and peroxide torture to clean nasty cuts."
- ZeitGeist

The perfect gardening glove
"The BEST gardening gloves I've ever used. They are not baggy like most. The palm and fingers are a thick waterproof fabric, so you can pull up thistles no problem. The back is an elasticated knitted fabric, so they're not sweaty. They make garden work so much nicer; I'll definitely buy more pairs in future!"
- Claire Boynton

Perfect gloves!
"My husband is very pleased with these gloves. He told me that these are the best gardening gloves he has ever had! I ordered the largest pair, but they are a snug fit so if you have big hands go for the largest size!"
- Josie55

Best gardening gloves ever.
"This is the second pair of Bamboo gloves I ve bought. Not because the first pair are worn out, but because when one pair needs washing, I have a second pair. I use them for gardening and I love them because they re flexable and they dont sweat my hands while working. They also give me protection without restricting movement. My first pair have worn well even with constant washing. All in all the best work gloves I ever bought."
- Amazon Customer

Fantastic gardening gloves
"My 2nd order of these fantastic gloves. Received very promptly again. They are extremely durable despite being used for logs, gardening, cleaning out the hens etc. They have waterproof palms and fingers so keep your hands warm and yet have enough sensitivity to weed. Very impressed and will order again when these wear out."
- Kate C